A Guide to Refreshing Your Email Marketing

Is your email marketing feeling a little stale? Not sure what to send? Check out these tips on how you can refresh your email marketing strategy.

1. Make Some Changes

Revive your subject lines: Steer clear of spammy words like “free” or “% off”, and try to keep it short but insightful. Many of your customers will be opening your email on their smartphones and subject lines greater than

Change the template: If you’re still using an old design, think about updating your template. Change the color scheme, fonts, etc. A change of scenery may be what you need to catch your reader’s attention.

Change the layout: If you’re not ready to completely change your template, consider a change in the layout instead. You can still keep the same fonts and colors but change where the image is located. If you’re using a two column set up, try using the body + sidebar layout instead.

Update your call to action: If you’re using hyperlinked text to get your readers’ attention, try using a button instead. Both get the job done, but a button provides a cleaner look. You can now drag and drop images into the image manager—drop the button image on the image manager, add it to your template, and link it to a form, landing page, survey, blog, or wherever you want to direct your readers to.

Social Media: If you have a social media presence, be sure to add the social sharing buttons to your template as well. Click on this link for more information on how to add social sharing buttons to your emails.

2. Review Your Content

Voice: Stay true to your readers and speak in their language using the voice of your business. There’s a difference between selling to parents versus selling farming equipment. Use your voice!

Relevant: Keep your content relevant. Your readers signed up for your emails for a reason, so don’t stray too far from the subject of your content. Your readers should know the kind of emails and frequency of emails to expect from you. Make use of Subscription Management to allow your readers to pick and choose the kind of emails they want from you.

Concise: Keep your emails short, sweet, and to the point. If you have more to say, use your call to actions to lead them to your website. No one wants to open an email that reads more like homework.

3. Only Send Worthwhile Emails

If you’re tired of repeating the same content, send something new!




4. Know the Rules

Email regulations vary by country. Be sure to read up on anti-spam laws not just for your country but for any countries where you are marketing. Look at the Spam Assassin rules generated from the test email. If you’re not familiar with a rule, go to Spam Assassin to search for the rule or enter the rule name in a search engine. Remember that a spam score of 3.0 or lower will yield better results.

5. Present Multiple Opportunities to Gather Email Addresses

This means knowing how to grow your marketing lists. Offer incentives that your recipients can access or download by filling out a registration form—free ebooks, discounts, coupons, white papers, contests etc. Fire up your social networks to ask your followers to register on your Subscription lists. Offer email registration/sign-ups for live events. Get in the habit of keeping your marketing lists relevant. This gives you a more accurate perspective of your email statistics and keeps your deliverability high due to less bounces. You’ll actively avoid spam traps along the way.

6. Test. Test. Test.

Test your email before you send, and test any changes. If you’re using dynamic content, the best way to witness your email’s behaviour is to actually send your email. Use Split Testing to see how well your readers respond to these new changes. Inbox Preview lets you see what your emails will look like to your recipients.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Louella Lugo, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

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