Add Value to Your Company Using SMS Marketing in 8 Easy Steps

SMS messages are an effective marketing tool that your company should utilize. You want your SMS messages to be as effective as possible. The value these add to your marketing efforts are beneficial, and their success depends largely upon timing and content. Check out these quick tips to get the most out of your SMS marketing efforts.

1. Clean It Up

Start by cleaning up your database. Get rid of any old numbers or numbers for people you have not been able to reach after a few attempts.

2. Double-Check Recipients

Be conscious of who the messages are going out to. Try not to send multiple messages to a single person in one week. Also, do not send the same message to a single contact more than once.

3. Let Them Opt-Out

Provide recipients with an opt-out option that is easy to use.

4. Personalize the Text

Use their names or personal details to make the message seem less like a widespread sales message.

5. Timing is Everything

Avoid sending messages to recipients during unavailable hours for their time zone. It is a good idea to break up your sends via time zone to avoid sending texts out in the middle of the night.

6. Keep Your Messages Short and Sweet

You want your recipients to understand the point of the message and feel happy when they read it. Keep it under 160 characters. Avoid using all capital letters; it can come across as though you are yelling. Also, proofreading can make you or break you. Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors before clicking “send.”

7. Call to Action

Make sure to include a call to action in the text. They need to know what you want them to do next, whether it be come in to the store for a big sale, opt-in to an email marketing list, or fill out a web form.

8. Review

Measure the effectiveness your message had. How many responses did you get? How many opt-outs? What time of day got the best response? Take note of important findings so that you can make improvements on your next send!

Happy Marketing!

Written by Kellany Merck, Marketing Success Manager


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