What’s Integrated Mobility? And Why Does it Matter?

Integrated Mobility: Woman in airportToday’s employees are more mobile than ever and are often distributed across multiple locations. And no surprise, businesses are comparing mobile solutions that can keep their on-the-go employees connected.

THE GOOD NEWS: A number of business phone providers offer some sort of mobile solution.

THE BAD NEWS: Many mobility solutions in the marketplace are not integrated within the business phone system – they’re separate!

This is a pretty big deal if you’re shopping for a business phone system. Because why wouldn’t a business want all of its employees connected to the same phone system – wherever they are and on whatever device they choose? We refer to this tie-in as “integrated mobility,” as opposed to a “separate mobile” approach (when a mobile solution functions outside of the business’s core phone system). Traditional phone solutions are known for providing separate mobile, while business VoIP providers like Vonage offer integrated mobility. Let’s take a closer look at the differences.

Integrated Mobility vs. Separate Mobile

Traditional Service, Separate Mobile: If you use a traditional business phone service, your provider can offer separate business mobile lines. These lines are not tied to the office system, so your mobile employees would maintain a separate office line and mobile line. And, since separate business mobile lines require purchase, some employers will choose to limit the number of employees assigned to a mobile account. Or, they’ll choose to let employees use their personal mobile plans for business.

Business VoIP, Integrated Mobility: It’s a much different story within the business VoIP environment, where the mobile solution is integrated within the company’s business phone system. Therefore, mobile devices become just another end point within the same phone system, sharing many of the same system calling features. With the Vonage system, for example, a call generated on the business mobile app is recognized on the recipient’s caller ID as a call from the business. Plus, the Vonage Business Mobile App comes with the phone system, requiring no additional purchase. It’s easy to download and can be used by any employee on the account – giving them a professional business presence and seamless access to the business phone system wherever they are.

Take a Closer Look:
Inside the Business VoIP Revolution

If your contemporary business requires a solid mobile solution to keep your mobile and dispersed employees connected – look for a provider that can deliver an integrated mobility solution. Want to learn more about meeting mobility needs? Check out our eBook now: Inside the Business VoIP Revolution.

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