Using the Image Map Tool in the Freestyle and Block Email Editors

One advantage of using the freestyle and block editors for email templates is being able to create multiple links inside one image using the image map tool.


In this example, we have an image where the logo should link to the ClickDimensions webpage, but we want the text “Click here to take the test” to link to the ClickDimensions page where you can sign up to become ClickDimensions certified. Instead of having to upload two separate images to create separate links, you can upload one image and use the image map tool to create two links in the same image. This tool is available in both the freestyle and block email editors.

Using the Image Map Tool in the Freestyle Editor

  • Insert the image into the email template editor.
  • Click on the image and you will see that the Insert/Edit Image Map Icon will no longer be greyed out.


  • Click on this icon and the Image Map Properties dialog box will appear. You can choose the shape of your image map (rectangle, circle, or polygon). Once you choose the shape you want, move your cursor over the portion of the image that you’d like to have linked to a website. Then type the website you’d like your image map to link to in the URL box.


  • You can repeat the process on another portion of the image and insert a separate link for that image map.
  • Click OK and your image map will be saved. Your email will now include two separate links in the same image.

Using the Image Map Tool in the Block Editor

  • Right click on an empty block to add contact. Instead of selecting “Image Only,” select “HTML” to add in your image.
  • Insert your image from the file editor.
  • Click on the icon for the image map editor and the image map editor dialog box will appear.


  • Choose the shape of your image map (rectangular or circular) and then it behaves just like it does in the freestyle editor.


Now you can include multiple links in a single image using this feature for either editor.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Julie Patrick, Marketing Success Manager

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