Infographic: 5 Big Benefits of Teleworking

Why build a teleworking program? As a business owner, you want happy and productive employees – so you are wise to consider the effect teleworking can have on overall business productivity and employee well-being. You would be hard pressed to find a business today that isn’t at least considering a work-from-home program for its employees. In fact, most businesses are already implementing teleworking programs in some form, and the data shows why.

Advantages that make success possible: Today’s businesses now have access to advanced business tools that make teleworking more seamless than ever. Cloud-based business tools, in particular, allow remote employees to work the way they do in the office setting. For example, with the Vonage business VoIP phone system, employees can take their office desk phone home, plug into the Internet, and have the same access to calling features they enjoy in the office. Or, employees can use the Vonage Business Mobile App, which also integrates with the business phone system. The integrated Mobile App is particularly attractive to businesses because employees can use it on their own mobile device – but still display the business’s identity on Caller ID. Learn more about how VoIP phone systems enable businesses to do more: Check out the Inside the Business VoIP Revolution eBook.

Maybe the timing is right for your competitive business to implement a telecommuting program. The statistics are in your favor and great business tools are available to make teleworking extremely productive. What’s in it for your business? Click the “5 Big Benefits” infographic to expand it and learn more.

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