Partners, Pizza and Ping Pong – a New Tradition

There are three words you’ve heard from me over and over again: partner sales acceleration.

While I’m not even close to being done sharing this message about how companies should be (and can be) closing more business through their channel partners by driving behaviors, creating engagement, building knowledge, and increasing transparency, I’m going to put those three words on hold for just a moment and share three new words with you:

Ping. Pong. Tournament.

Allbound SaaS Ping Pong Tournament

Still with me? The first time I said these words to my team, I’ll admit they sort of looked at me and at each other, no doubt thinking, ‘What is this guy talking about?’

Here’s the thing. Ping pong and tech is like peanut butter and jelly — they just kind of go together. Now narrow in on SaaS tech companies, and a ping pong table in the office is almost as commonplace as a couch is in your own living room.

I’ve spoken a number of times about our need here in the Valley of the Sun to come together as a technology community, and a lot of that boils right down to tradition and partnership.

See, I knew we’d get back to one of my favorite words. At Allbound we’re all about “the partner,” and helping businesses improve their partner relationships. We’ve also just been honored with this amazing new home at 111 West Monroe in downtown Phoenix, and we want to share it with you, our community.

And, as far as tradition goes…well, all traditions have to start somewhere. So, why not a SaaS ping pong tournament?

It’s amazing what happened when we told just a handful of fellow Valley tech leaders what we were thinking. In a matter of hours, we had sponsors, teams ready to compete, and spectators signed up to soak in the fun. And, what’s really awesome is we have involvement from companies with thousands of employees (Silicon Valley Bank, Zenefits, Symantec), some of Arizona’s hottest tech companies (Infusionsoft, WebPT, Picmonic, OnTop Technology) to startups with just a few (Design Pickle).

Our community is hungry for partnership. Our team of Allbound #AllStars is ready to establish our own traditions. Won’t you join us?

Event Details

  • When: Thursday, October 1, 2015 from 4 to 7 pm
  • Where: 111 W. Monroe Street, 19th floor, downtown Phoenix 85003
  • Cost: $35 for a SaaS doubles team; $25 for spectators
  • Perks: Pizza, beer, wine and door prizes
  • Register or Attend:

Click Here to Register

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