Track Your Subscription Opt-ins and outs Over Time

This past week, a customer came to us with an interesting question: “…we’d like to track how many people opt out of [subscriptions] as a result so we can assess the frequency of our marketing pieces (i.e. when increasing frequency of email sends do we receive more opt. outs). Is there any way to do this?”

So is there a way to track subscription opt-ins and opt-outs over a period of time? Absolutely!

ClickDimensions already keeps track of all subscription preferences as they are submitted through subscription management pages. In CRM, you can simply go to Marketing > Subscription Preferences for a full view of all changes to ins and outs. The list is sorted by “created on” dates and specific preference type. All the information is there to track when a certain group of preference changes occur during a specific time. However, this data could become difficult to analyze over a long period of time. If you are trying to find some sort of correlation between a marketing strategy and number of subscription opt-ins during that time, a visual representation of this data would be preferred—especially for a team.


(View of subscription preferences sorted by most recent “created on” date.)


So let’s create a graph! 


(Come all the way to the right of the subscription preference view and click “charts.”) 



(Create the above series in you chart.) 

This chart shows the number of subscription preferences—opt-ins and outs—created over the course of a quarter; this can be adjusted to any period of time you see fit. This will show you changes to your opts over time giving you better insight to the correlation between the changes to your opt ins and outs and new marketing strategies. 

Happy Marketing!

Written by Dante Porter, Marketing Success Manager

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