Data “Science?” Channel “Science?” Stop Overcomplicating!

Okay. Let’s have a serious chat about your channel and data. I’m going to sum it up in two words:

  1. Stop.
  2. Overthinking.

Listen, we all know the channel is complex and in dire need of innovation. But do we really need to keep overcomplicating? Over the last few years, I’ve seen buzzwords like “partner automation” and “data science” and “mobile app” serve-up a big helping of buzzkill for business after business, channel after channel.

Isn’t it time to simplify? To focus not only on the manufacturer, like traditional PRM, but also on the partner rep who is face-to-face with your customer? To close the loop?

And believe me, the LAST thing you need is another tool, another utility, another app, another portal, ANOTHER line item on your budget. You’d BETTER be a scientist to manage all that!

It’s time to think forward. Think simple. Think SaaS. Think ONE.

It’s time to think forward. Think simple. Think #SaaS. Think ONE.
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  • ONE platform, where you have everything centralized – training, social selling, campaigns, MDF, deal registration. 
  • ONE platform, that aggregates all the data you need in a single, simple interface.
  • ONE platform, with one login that adds a “channel layer” to your sales stack.
  • ONE platform, one price, one day for setup…that pretty much does it all.

No PhD required.

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