Proving ROI: How Call Tracking Increased Conversions for Inspree

Inspree, an online marketing, web development and design firm, needed deeper insight into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

They wanted quality metrics from a reliable source as to whether their campaigns, which are designed to generate business through leads, were effectively driving conversions. As a leader in landing page and Google AdWords campaign optimization, Inspree habitually used pinpointed call-to-action links to directly reach their audience.

Simple reported metrics to clients on how effective Inspree’s campaigns, AdWords and landing pages were working ran the risk of being inaccurate and biased.

The CallRail Solution

Inspree turned to call analytics expert, CallRail, to provide reliable metrics. Previous solutions provided surface level metrics, with analysis solely focused on what actual number was called or clicked.

Inspree made the switch to CallRail’s robust feature set because of their call management software, easy to set up integrations, and affordable price point. With the ability to analyze and decipher inbound call data in real time, CallRail provided Inspree with real time streamlined summary reports on the effectiveness of AdWords campaigns and more importantly, the keywords that were driving phone call conversions.

The CallRail Impact

With the help of CallRail’s software, Inspree was able to optimize their marketing effectiveness and increase their ROI significantly on multiple client campaigns.

Across the board, Inspree project managers were able to more narrowly focus on campaigns through revealing data as well as tell if they were hitting the right target audience with location tracking analysis. More importantly, clients were happy with CallRail’s simplicity.

“Our clients love the simple and user-friendly UI that allows them to log in and listen to their calls,” said Marc Fishman, President of Inspree.

The design firm also utilized CallRail’s call recording technology as a training method, allowing upper level management to listen and analyze calls in order to provide constructive feedback to their sales employees on how to better handle the leads that come in.

“It’s a fantastic tool we can use hear the calls coming in and study how the sales team is talking to our current and potential customers. For our clients, they’ve had increased conversions on every account that uses CallRail since implementation.”

– Marc Fishman, President of Inspree

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