Dual Event Registration Workflow from Form Submission

DualEventHave you ever needed to send out a form to allow users to register for an event, choose which date, time, or location they wanted to attend, AND needed the option to choose whether they would attend in-person or via internet? 

With ClickDimensions, you can do just that! You can automatically create event participation records for registrants of your event in this scenario using a form and a workflow.

Let’s say you are hosting a BMX competition in multiple cities, and you want to keep track of who will be attending in each location. Follow these steps to get the records you are looking for.


Create the registration form:

  • You will start by creating a checkbox form field for each location of the competition. 
  • Then create a ClickDimensions form using the form builder.


  • Make sure you map all of the data you want to add to the event participation records back to your lead/contact records in CRM while creating your form. The data that populates the event participation record is the data mapped to the lead/contact record from the form submission. 

Create an event record for each competition location:

  • In CRM, navigate to Marketing > Events.
  • Click new.
  • Create an event record by adding a name, owner, and venue of the event.
  • Do this for each location you are holding a BMX competition.

Set up a workflow to keep track of registrants:

  • In CRM, navigate to Settings > Processes.
  • Click new.
  • Give your workflow a name, set the category to workflow, and set the workflow’s entity to run on a posted field.


  • Click OK.
  • Open the workflow you just created.
  • Set the scope to organization and set it to run when a new record is created.


  • In the workflow, add a check condition step to see if the posted form’s form equals the name of the form you created.
  • Then, add another check condition step to see if the form field’s form field equals the field for the first event, and the posted field’s value equals “on”. If so, create an event participation record. (Repeat this step for every separate event).


  •  Click “set properties” to populate the desired fields on the event participation record from the responder’s lead or contact record. Fill in any data you want mapped from the form submission to the event participation record. Be sure to select the correct event.


  • Perform this set properties step for each event form field you create.

Save and activate your workflow.

Send out the link to the form you created in an email to anyone you want to be able to register for the event. 

  • An event participation record will now be created when anyone submits the form for the dual event registration.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Kellany Mathis, Marketing Success Manager

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