How to Redirect a Freestyle Landing Page

LandingPageRedirectThere may come a time when a landing page is just no longer needed. The dilemma most encounter is that if the page is deleted, any existing links to it out in the digital universe will now send users to a 404 error page. Because no one ever seems to like this scenario, the next question is usually “well, what do we do with it?”

Well here is the answer! You can simply redirect the landing page to any page you desire. This can be accomplished by using just a little custom HTML.

Go into the designer window for your landing page, then click on “Source” to view the HTML.

Eryka_Blog post 2 Pic1

Next, immediately following the <head> tag in the HTML enter:

 <meta content=”0; URL=” http-equiv=”refresh” />

( is used for the example below)

Eryka_Blog post 2 Pic 2

Finally, click “Save” and you will be good to go.

Additional tip: It may be a good idea to change the content of the landing page to let the user know they are going to be re-directed. For example, “The page you are looking for no longer exists. Please click HERE if you are not automatically redirected, thank you.” Then hyperlink “HERE” to the desired page as well.

Well that’s it, now your sales team will not have to wonder if they lost that one sale because a prospect clicked a link to an old page in a previous email.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Eryka Adams, Marketing Success Manager


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