Transformational Growth at BoxWorks 2015

Transformational Growth at BoxWorks 2015

The Allbound team is in San Francisco, CA for what is promising to be a transformation next few days at BoxWorks 2015. The leadership at poses the question: “How can companies tap into the unprecedented opportunities for transformation without putting their critical information at risk?” BoxWorks 2015 is about reconciling this tension and channeling it into innovation.

Besides the opportunity to network with awesome companies like Okta, Slack and Zoom, and the chance to hear from co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie, we’re also looking forward to a couple of breakout session that appeal to our vision of reinventing the economics of partnership by empowering people and businesses to easily, confidently and successfully grow together.

Engage Okta: We Build for People, Not Servers

Since Allbound is a SaaS company that strives to create software sales reps will actually want to use, I’m eager to hear what Stephen Lee, Director of Platform Solutions at Okta, has to say about how to focus on people as you work to create better portals, products and platforms to enable collaboration at both the human and system level.

The Consumerization of IT and the Evolution of Enterprise Software Adoption

FreshDesk‘s goal is to make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses. So, you can see why user adoption is critical in helping them achieve their goal. But what are the key factors that drive rapid adoption of cloud and SaaS at multiple levels of the enterprise? I’m going to guess that UI and UX are a part of this equation, but I’ll be all ears during this FreshDesk session.

One World, One Team: Connecting a Global Workforce

As your business expands into a global workforce, how do you maintain an up-to-date flow of materials, information and data? This is a question we strive to eradicate from the minds of all channel management professionals with our Allbound approach to content organization, distribution and analysis. I’m anxious to hear from AstraZeneca Collaboration Director Dan Hufton about their approach to supporting a globally diverse team.


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