Push Notifications No Longer Reserved for Apps

Push Notifications Are No Longer Reserved for Apps

A few weeks ago I was standing in the kitchen at home chatting with the family, and my phone buzzed. I looked down and it was a push notification from Facebook. Given that I don’t use a Facebook app, I was quite surprised. Pleasantly surprised, I should point out.

We’ve known for a while that mobile browsers were going to integrate phone-based features that have previously been available only via an app. This chatter started a few years ago, picked up steam in 2014, and was officially confirmed by Google in early 2015.

Mobile browsers are integrating phone-based features previously available only via an app.
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This push notification, via a mobile browser, was a technology breakthrough that we’d been waiting for. I quickly shot a screenshot and forwarded it off to the team as I knew they’d be both geeked by it and anxious to revisit our product road map.

At Allbound we have made the conscious decision to focus our development and user experience efforts on the browser instead of the app. We have nothing against apps, mind you. We just believe more in the power of the browser. We know where our users spend their time, and we’d like to be there for them – and that is in the browser. And if Facebook, with the world’s most popular app, has circled back to beef up their browser experience, then we can’t be far off base in our view.

Push notifications are one of the few features that pique our clients’ interest in apps. And with it soon to be a mobile browser feature, that’s a win for everyone.

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