ClickDimension – Sales Development Representative

Role Overview and Responsibilities
The ClickDimensions Sales Development Representative (SDR) is an entry-level inside sales/marketing role that will be responsible for working closely with ClickDimensions’ SDR Manager to generate revenue by developing opportunities for the ClickDimensions sales team. Duties of the SDR include:

  • Skillfully building interest and creating opportunities with new prospects
  • Qualifying leads and scheduling meetings between prospects for enterprise sales team
  • Working with the sales and marketing teams to help develop and implement the sales development process
  • Implementing phone and email campaigns to identify the correct contact person with prospective ClickDimensions clients
  • Researching leads from the ClickDimensions website, following up with them and assigning them to the proper ClickDimensions Account Manager
  • Supporting ClickDimensions marketing efforts by assisting in online marketing campaigns

The ClickDimensions Sales Development Representative (SDR) should possess the following skills:

  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and internet tools and research
  • Proficiency with social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • Energy and desire to make numerous (50+) phone calls daily
  • Ability and aptitude to perform high-level demonstrations of the ClickDimensions solution
  • “Hunter” mentality in seeking out new business
  • Ability to build strong personal relationships with prospects, customers, partners and Microsoft employees

“Day in the Life”
On any given day, the SDR will be making numerous outbound calls, monitoring LinkedIn group comments, sending out email campaigns, researching/responding/assigning internet leads to the sales team and assisting the ClickDimensions marketing team with ad-hoc campaigns.

Advancement Opportunities
Individuals in the SDR role may advance to the Partner Account Manager (PAM) role. The PAM role is a sales role that sells the ClickDimensions solution through partners and directly to Microsoft CRM customers.

Instructions for Application
Interested candidates must submit a personal cover letter/message with their profile/resume.  Please outline why this job is a good fit for you and reference previous relevant experience.  Candidates who do not submit a personal cover letter/message will not be considered.

SDR positions are available in the ClickDimensions offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Fargo, North Dakota.

The SDR role will be compensated on a mix of base salary and sales commission.

Interested candidates should send a resume and ClickDimensions-specific cover letter to


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