Creating a Custom View for Documents Uploaded in ClickDimensions Forms

ClickDimensions web forms can be used for a wide variety of purposes and by many different departments within an organization. We were recently talking with a customer who uses ClickDimensions forms for gathering resumes for employment opportunities. They like how the files automatically import into CRM and are associated with each lead or contact that submits the form, but they wanted an easy way for their recruiters to see all of the files for their own contacts. To help them accomplish this, we created a custom view for the posted field entity, looking specifically for file upload fields associated with contacts owned by the current user. First we looked for any notes in the posted field that contain a document. Then we added in a step looking back at the posted field (Posted Field | Contains Data), which allows you to look at the posted field’s related contact’s owner. As a variation on this, you could create the view to only show files for posted forms associated with a specific product or job posting. The form could have a field asking individuals about which¬†product or job is of interest. This field could then map to a field on the lead/contact records and be used in the query. Once the query was generated, we saved it as a view, and now it shows up in our posted field entity. Happy Marketing! Written by Julie Patrick, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager
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