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The Digital Director (DD) position of Lightpost Digital is a licensing opportunity for independent agents looking to run their own digital marketing business and represent our brand in your market. Our products serve the online advertising needs of small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. Independent agents receive training, sales support and complete account support with no upfront cost and the ability to launch their own digital agency with the Lightpost Digital brand. Your clients receive tools and managed services created and vetted by a team with over 10 years of digital marketing experience.

Digital Director Sales Training

Our team will train you to become an expert at selling digital marketing services. We provide Digital Directors with a 3 day digital sales bootcamp, weekly sales support calls, a digital sales manager, and all sales collateral and materials to build a successful business.

Digital Account Strategist & Fulfillment Team

A Digital Director’s #1 responsibility is to bring on new clients. Once a client is contracted, Lightpost Digital’s team of digital marketing experts fulfill all client services for our Digital Directors.

Client Support & Account Management

Most digital agencies fail to scale and maximize profitability because of client support and account management expenses. Lightpost Digital handles all the support and account management for Digital Directors, so you can continue to sign up new clients and grow your income.

Best in Market Digital Products

Digital Directors benefit from Lightpost Digital’s brand and our ability to provide the best digital marketing solutions on the market. Our management team researches and negotiates with the best marketing solution providers so that we can provide business owners with enterprise solutions at affordable prices.

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for aggressive, consultative, and entrepreneurial salespeople, with a business owner mindset and a strong desire to make a difference for local businesses in their market. Lightpost’s core values must shine through our Digital Directors, as you are our connection to the businesses in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Digital Director Role

What types of businesses we serve:

Lightpost Digital serves businesses in almost any industry, but there are a few industries we best serve and there are also some industries we don’t provide a lot of value to. Our goal is to make our DD’s time efficient and so a big part of training is to understand where we have the highest rate of client success.

Our best industries:

  1. Independent Law Firms – personal injury, car accident, criminal defense
  2. Professional services – doctors, dentists, chiropractors
  3. Entertainment businesses – tour operators, unique local attractions
  4. Health & Beauty – spas, salons, acupuncture, gyms
  5. Restaurants – established restaurants with a set marketing budget

Businesses we generally do not work with:

  1. B-to-B businesses – businesses that sell their products to other businesses sometimes are not the right fit for us. In rare cases there has been a fit, but typically marketing these kind of businesses takes direct sales and not marketing.
  2. Single Location struggling businesses – if a business has a single location and is struggling, they generally need to work on their own processes, staffing and products before they start pouring money into marketing. You cannot save a struggling business with advertising.
  3. Retail businesses with high seasonality – we like to work with businesses that we can partner with year-round, and not those ones that can only afford to market a few months per year.
  4. Non-profits – non-profits are difficult to work with because of layers of decision makers, payment policies, etc.

What are the job responsibilities of a DD?

Digital Directors are responsible for sales and relationship management. Your primary role is to book appointments with business owners, talk to them about their business goals and marketing needs, and propose marketing solutions that fill those needs. DD’s then contract businesses and introduce them to Lightpost’s account support team. Generally you’re involved then in a kick-off call, and after that you’re kept in the loop by support. We don’t expect you to learn how to build websites or create and execute on marketing strategies – that’s what our team of experts is there to do. Your role is to build up your book of business, and be a face to the brand in your local market.

Is there any set geography or market that I have to work in?

No. As a Digital Director we expect your business will eventually grow in a large part with referrals, and often referrals are into other markets, cities and states. You can call on customers anywhere. In addition, we want you to have freedom in your job and in your life. If you live in Wisconsin, but like to spend time in Florida in the winter, then build your business in both markets and have the freedom to live the life you enjoy best.

What products do we offer?

Lightpost’s goal is to become a one-stop digital marketing provider for a collection of the best digital marketing products and solutions on the market. As such, we’ll always be looking at other solutions to incorporate into our offering. Today, our products range from responsive websites, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC management, Social marketing, Listings and citation management, review monitoring, and more. Review our Services

How do new solutions get incorporated?

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of digital marketing ideas and solutions on the market today. We hear about them in a lot of different ways, but one of the biggest sources is from our Digital Directors. If you hear of an idea, let us know. We’ll research it, demo it, ask for referrals, talk to industry sources and clients and vet everything so you don’t have to. Then we’ll decide together if it’s a good fit for the company, our clients and you and negotiate the best possible rates for the company.

How does the hand-off process from client to operations work?

When a DD makes a sale they send the new client contract and notes to Lightpost’s account team, or point to the Opportunity created in our internal CRM. Account support then sets up a kick-off call, which you’re expected to attend. This call usually lasts 45-60 minutes and provides an opportunity for everyone to meet, review and sign-off on client goals, discuss strategy, and talk about roles and expectations.

How are up-sells handled?

Most of the time, our account team will discover other products or services that your client needs. Typically, these are small monthly services that the support team identifies your client’s business may need, but sometimes they are larger programs that went overlooked. Generally, we’ll handle the smaller sales and kick larger program conversations back to you, or set an appointment to all cover together. You receive credit for all sales of course, and you’ll be kept in the loop at all times.

How Digital Directors are compensated:

Digital Directors get paid like professionals in fields that offer residual compensation, like the financial and insurance industries. You receive a commission check related to your monthly book of business. You even get commissions off other products we discover and suggest to your clients. You own your book of business and it can’t be taken away from you.

Commission rates:

Your commission on setup fees Digital Directors sell direct: 50%

Your commission on all GM of all services Digital Directors sell direct: 25%

Upsells from existing clients by our account management team: 20% (5% goes to account management)

 What tools are provided to you?

We’re sales development experts and, prior to making any product available to the field, we provide you with the essentials for success. Here are a few things we figure out and develop for our DD’s.

  1. Vertical case studies. If we go after a vertical, the first step is to give you a superior client case study and reference point.
  2. We market test everything we make available to the field in our home market of San Diego. Rest assured we have sold these products and we know how to explain the features and benefits.
  3. We’ve gotten good at figuring out what collection of products to sell to what industries and verticals. Bring us a client and we’ll tell you what products and services they need and how to present it.

What’s the best thing about being an DD?

  1. DD’s get paid very well and the long term income creates flexibility for family time, travel, and vacations.
  2. You don’t have to complete any of the strategy or execution for your clients.
  3. You’re going to get great support by a superior selling and operations team.
  4. You get to do what you do best, SELL, and you have the freedom to do it anywhere you desire.

Join Lightpost Digital and help us fulfill our mission of empowering business owners by providing affordable and transparent online marketing solutions.

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