3 Tools to Call Analytics Tools to Shorten Your Lead Response Time

Leads: The Five Minute Rule

You’re 100 times more likely to reach your prospect if you respond to them within 5 minutes vs 30 minutes, and 21 times more likely to qualify a lead if you call within 5 minutes. The more time that passes, the less likely you are to convert a lead into a customer. According to a recent research article, only 37% of companies respond to their leads within an hour, which is a staggering statistic when you consider how many company’s aren’t making lead response a priority. It also means that if sales teams are willing to quickly respond and engage with leads, they have an advantage over the competition. Since inbound phone calls convert at a higher rate than any other lead source, we decided to dig into which call analytics tools make shortening lead response time and converting leads into customers quick and easy.

Features to Shorten Lead Response Time

Form Submission: CallRail’s form submission feature allows you to follow up on submissions on your website instantly. The feature instantly turns your web form submissions into phone calls so you can quickly connect with your customers. Each time a customer fills out a form on your website, the lead is captured instantly and you’ll receive an alert on your phone, text message, or email. Once you’ve received a phone notification, you’ll have the option to call the customer back immediately.

Outbound Call Tracking: With outbound tracking you can use your tracking phone numbers to quickly respond to and place outbound phone…

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