5 Tips on Prospecting for Channel Partners Using LinkedIn

In the first quarter of 2016, LinkedIn had 433 million members. While this number is only expected to grow, it’s safe to say that the platform has become the primary social networking tool for businesses. Think that LinkedIn is a way to look for jobs and network with current and former co-workers? It is. But it’s so much more.The platform has evolved into a research tool for prospecting. And savvy channel partners are using LinkedIn as a source for new leads and tangible revenue. So how are your channel partners using LinkedIn to improve business? To help answer this question and to help them amp up their prospecting skills, refer them to these five tips on prospecting using LinkedIn.

1) Know How to Connect.
Connections are the bread and butter of LinkedIn. And if your partners are simply connected with current co-workers and old college friends, then they’ve got some work to do. Knowing how to connect on LinkedIn can make or break the lead nurturing process. It’s best to connect when the iron is hot. Following up with a connection request after meeting someone (whether in person or online) ensures that your partner is fresh in their mind. While it’s important to grow your network, having a reason to connect is also important – for the askee. Spamming people with connection requests can do more damage than good.

2) Map Out Prospects
Are your partners having trouble finding decision makers within your target prospects? LinkedIn can help. First, tell them to take a…

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