Using Your College Degree to Engage in Social Entrepreneurship

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By: Blakely Fraasch, Content Creator Intern For those of who you may have recently graduated from college, congratulations! Welcome to the “real world” of adjusting to your first entry-level position. You’ve traded in long nights of homework for cubicles, business casual, and bimonthly paychecks. But sooner or later, there will come a time when you start to wonder… Is this it? Is this all I get to do now? Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck climbing the corporate ladder the rest of your career. Regardless of what degree you graduated with, you can dedicate yourself AND your professional career to any social cause you feel most passionately about. Your degree and versatile college experience could be the key to a promising future in Social Entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship thrives off diversity of thought, and whether your degree is in Business, Psychology, Finance, Social Sciences, Criminal Justice, or even Underwater Basket Weaving, you could make a radical difference in your community.  So maybe now you’re wondering: what’s the big idea with social entrepreneurship? Is it actually something I could be interested in? At SEED SPOT, we define a Social Entrepreneur as someone who is creating a product, service, or technology that improves lives or makes the world a better place. Therefore, you do NOT need to possess a specific major to become a Social Entrepreneur.  A social entrepreneur needs simply to be passionate about solving a societal or community issue.   Humanities or Social Science Degree: Course work teaches…
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