The 5 Best Call Tracking Tools for Marketers

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One of the questions we answer for our clients every day is “what happens when a prospect picks up the phone?” There are so many tools out there for tracking online activity like web form submissions, but when it comes to tracking what drives phone call conversions many marketers are left in the dark. In this post, we talk about the tools and features that allow you to turn on the light and view what’s really driving high converting leads to your business.1. Call Recording We’re strong proponents of this often overlooked early form of call analysis. We’ve watched our customers find value time and time again by listening to call recordings and not only understanding the type of calls their advertisements are driving but if those calls are coming from qualified leads. Check out this post with great examples of how CallRail customers use call recording to prove and improve their marketing ROI. 2. Dynamic Number Insertion  Dynamic number insertion is a call tracking tool that assigns a unique phone number to each online source, such as organic search, PPC ads, Yelp, or anywhere else your business has a presence online. That phone number will display to visitors who arrive at your website via that specific source, allowing you to pinpoint the exact source of incoming calls. Why is it one of the post powerful call tracking tools out there?  To put it simply, it’s the core of call tracking. In order to accurately track phone calls from multiple online sources, you…
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