Building a Business Case for Account Based Marketing

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Allbound loves inviting guest authors to contribute to our Partner Sales Acceleration conversation, and today’s blog post is from Justin Gray, CEO & Founder of LeadMD. Account Based Marketing can be a bit of a paradox. On its face, ABM is designed to leverage technology to help your organization scale. At the same time, marketers know that personalization of messaging at a larger scale can be a huge challenge. An account-based program requires hyper-personalization to work, otherwise you’re wasting resources at a lackluster attempt to build personal relationships and even worse, hurting your brand. But that doesn’t mean that ABM is bad for business. In fact, once marketers and the sales teams they’ll be aligning with (more on that later) understand that accepted methodologies surrounding demand generation can be adapted to make best use of ABM, the case for making the switch becomes more obvious. ABM … Where to start? The first place to start when building a business case for ABM is in the mirror. The funnel has served marketers well for decades, but are you really taking an honest look at your conversion metrics and their relevance to your overall demand gen results? Marketers love numbers – the bigger the better. It’s not inherently wrong to salivate over views, clicks and converts; after all, that’s marketing at work. But once you talk to sales and see that volume doesn’t correlate to quality, you start to get the full picture. The more accounts that fall to your sales teams…
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