Four Marketing Tracking Methods to Improve Your Campaigns

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Before launching your campaign, even before you start the framework, the first step in any data-driven marketing campaign should be to define goals and understand how they will be measured.  Your goals will dictate what metrics are important to your team and therefore, will drive the marketing tracking software you will use.For example, when we outlined our latest project, we spent some time thinking about the overall goals for the campaign. We decided that we wanted to encourage prospects to sign up for a demo of our call tracking software. In order to track this effort, we identified campaign-specific metrics that would demonstrate success and the marketing tracking tools to measure the ROI of our endeavor. Campaign specific metrics   We use Marketo to track our leads, all of them, including offline leads like phone calls. Data-driven marketers know that you can’t run a successful campaign unless you are tracking phone calls, and that’s why it’s one of the top call tracking metrics to measure. In order to see our total number of leads on any campaign, we integrated CallRail with Marketo to push calls into our lead funnel as a lead activity, capturing source level information to complete the attribution cycle. Because of this integration, we can track the following: Total of Leads – Whether your incoming leads are trash or treasures, it is important to know the total number of leads your campaign is pulling in. You’ll want to have this in order to calculate your lead to MQL…
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