Microsoft's Channel Partner Program Best Practices

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  We can often learn a lot by taking a look at how another company operates its channel partner program. That program can be in a similar industry to our own, or something completely different, because every channel partner program shares the common goal of reaching out to a wider prospect base than would otherwise be possible without the channel. In this case, we’ll take a closer look at Microsoft’s channel partner program. Leverage New Technologies This is two-fold. Technology can be new product offerings that you can use to draw in clients that were previously unsure of your brand. But maybe even more importantly, technology in the form of tools that you use to collaborate with partners. Promoting new product technology is a fairly mainstream concept these days. A new feature or option becomes available, and you focus part of your marketing efforts on making sure that existing and prospective customers are aware of the addition. For some this is the nudge that is needed to finally draw up a deal. For others, this solidifies their decision to renew a contract. On the other hand, using technology to collaborate with your channel partners can be less straightforward. Yes, there’s email and text messaging, but what about file sharing? With a powerful software platform to not just communicate, but collaborate with your partners in the channel, you can keep everyone up to date, and make sure that they’ve all got the latest marketing materials. If something needs to be updated,…
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