Dell's Path to Rebuilding Through Channel Partners

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When you think of Dell, what comes to mind? As a kid growing up in Texas, Dell and its iconic CEO were encouraging reminders that success and innovation could grow in the Lone Star State. Michael Dell was our Bill Gates. So much so that in 1991, our family never dared to consider any brand other than Dell when purchasing our first home computer. It was that machine which introduced me to design and coding and the internet – a platform that I never imagined would become such a centerpiece of my professional (and personal) life. And probably not  coincidentally, it was a Dell laptop that welcomed me into the workforce as a sales professional. I took care of that thing like newborn baby. Dell Inc. – the “original” Dell – was founded in 1984, and played a huge part in constructing the landscape of personal technologies over the succeeding decades. But it’s Dell’s recent merger with fellow goliath EMC that’s given the company an entirely new future. Now known as Dell Technologies, the restructuring—the largest tech merger in history—was to “redefine itself in emerging technologies.” And while the company has consistently offered some of the strongest and most diverse PC laptops in the industry, even the giants make mistakes. In a recent blog post, Anurag Agrawal, CEO and analyst of Techaisle, spoke with Jeff McNaught, executive director and chief strategy officer of Dell cloud client-computing, and founder of Wyse Technology, a cloud-based company Dell acquired in 2012. As Agrawal…
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