How CallRail Tools Can Enhance Inbound Sales Strategies

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Still using the old “How did you hear about us?” line? If you are, you’re also probably very aware of the tension between your inbound sales team and the marketing department. More often than not, that question and the conversation that follows, is not captured correctly or even at all, leading to a frustrated marketing group and hit-or-miss inbound leads. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. We’re sharing ways that call tracking can enhance your inbound sales strategies and end the tug of war between sales and marketing. Utilizing your CallRail tools, you’ll be able to see a huge impact on your sales and marketing ROI. Call Recording Understanding what takes place on the call is vital to the success of your inbound sales strategies. If your team isn’t saying the right things on the phone, your leads might not be processed appropriately and your business could be losing money. Harnessing the power of call recording allows teams to analyze conversations, coach sales representatives, and develop engaging conversations to help your reps close more deals. Call Flow Builder Providing your callers with self-identifying options upfront allows your callers to get where they need to be quickly, minimizing unnecessary transfers, resulting in a better caller experience. Let your sales team identifying the best products for your prospect and save the support calls for your support team. CallScore CallRail’s latest feature, CallScore, automatically scores a phone lead using powerful, industry-specific algorithms, giving marketers a quick, visual representation…
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