SEED SPOT 101: The 12 Buzzwords We Are Thankful For

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By: Jenna Fitzgerald, Market Analysis Intern This Thanksgiving, the SEED SPOT family has a lot to be thankful for. We’ve helped to create nearly 750 jobs by supporting 288 socially-conscious business ventures since our inception in 2012. And most importantly, we have impacted a whopping 1.15 million lives through our ventures! [See the complete 2015-2016 Impact Report here]. This work would have been impossible without our inspirational entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and staff working tirelessly to embody our core values and ensure that this process is accessible to all. If you are new to the startup scene, you probably have experienced the steep learning curve that comes with unfamiliar SEED SPOT and Social Enterprise terminology. From words like “incubator” to “pitch” and coming to understand the importance of twinkle lights, there seem to be tons of unanswered questions and confused looks that are seldom addressed. At SEED SPOT, we know how important it is to feel in the loop when it comes to these things… I mean, we’ve all been there at some point in our startup journey! Below, you will find a list of 10 crucial buzzwords that we use within the SEED SPOT community. We live and breathe these terms. Study them. Appreciate them. Love their uniqueness, and soon enough, you will understand why we value these simple words and phrases and how they truly help to define our mission and core values as a whole at SEED SPOT. The heart and soul of every startup company lies within social entrepreneurs. These folks…
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