The Allbound Podcast: Social Selling and The Power of Content

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  Jack Kosakowski, global head of B2B sales execution at Creation Agency, joins me to discuss social selling, relationship development and the power of content in this episode of The Allbound Podcast. How do you define social selling? Social selling is leveraging the communication channels where your buyers are living versus just communicating with them via phone and email. You’re providing value and communicating on multiple channels to influence the sale along the way from online conversation to offline revenue close. Should social sellers separate business from their personal life? We live in the most digital age ever. If you’re scared of someone seeing your lifestyle through your social channels, you should be careful how you share or how you live your life. You should inspire and motivate people on a personal and professional level, because hiding isn’t going to get you anywhere in sales. How can today’s B2B account exec or business development rep use social networking to strengthen their phone and email strategies? If you really want to get to that next level, you’ve got to understand who the individuals are in the accounts you want to sell. Everyone thinks it’s all about business value, but really you’ve got to have some personal value, too. Nobody wants to be sold, but everybody wants to have a conversation, especially if they have something to talk about with somebody. But how do you know that if you’re not leveraging the information you’re given? For more about how Jack effectively uses…
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