Marketing Your Practice: Call Analytics for Healthcare Marketers

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You’ve put your time, effort and money into marketing yourself to potential patients and generating appointments over the phone, but are you sure that your marketing is working, and is your staff providing a positive experience to those callers when they answer the phone? With call tracking and analytics you not only understand what type of marketing drives calls to your practice, but you also gain deeper insight into what takes place during those calls – all with the added benefit of HIPAA compliant call recording.Know Which Marketing Channels Drive Calls If you’re using phone numbers in offline advertising, there’s no way to track those calls back to the source that drove them without call tracking. Call tracking makes it easy to view which offline ads drive conversions. If you’re advertising online, features like dynamic number insertion shows website visitors a unique phone number so you know which campaign delivered the call. That means that you’ll be able to view attribution for all of your landing pages, listing sites, and pay-per-click ads. You’ll also be able to view a snapshot of your marketing channel’s performance through CallRail’s multi-channel attribution reporting. Manage Your Phone System Get your potential clients to the right place at the right time with interactive menus and easy to customize call flows. Save time by routing clients based on their needs, easily customize your phone system with features for after hours call scheduling, automated routing to different physicians and departments, custom menus, and more. HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking Calls…
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