The Allbound Podcast: How to Establish Trust with Partners

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  Sloan McCauley, Director of Channel Sales at Localytics, joined me to discuss educating clients, establishing trust and how nothing beats face-to-face time with partners on this episode of The Allbound Podcast. What do you do in your role? I came into this role about two years ago. The first year was about figuring out our strategy. From there it has really been a year of what we consider a full partnership production. At this point we are influencing a part of our overall pipeline here at Localytics. Ultimately my goal in running this business would be to have it be a 50 / 50 split between channel and direct sales.  And hopefully it will continue to grow from there. What major initiatives are you implementing to develop those relationships? We’re aiming to provide as much education and support as possible, and that comes in many different forms. With a product like Localytics, because we are focused on the total lifecycle of users as it relates to the mobile application, we present an opportunity to have partners push their customer to think beyond the download, beyond standard media metrics, and have them  think about retention. How do we turn these users into a lifetime customer and ultimately these producers of our brand? Fortunately we have a platform that allows and equips agencies to push customers to think that way. How do you support knowledge transfer between Localytics and your partners? These are incredibly busy folks, so it’s about delivering consistency ––…
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