How HubSpot Built a Successful Channel Sales Program

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In a relatively short period of time HubSpot has positioned itself as a go-to all-in-one solution for the burgeoning world of inbound marketing, and indirect sales have played no small part in the company’s success. The fact that in the past few years HubSpot has experienced a huge influx of name recognition, and has become a tool used by marketers in an incredibly broad and diverse range of industries, is a testament both to the efficacy of the tool—and to the reach-boosting power of channel sales. We’re still in the early days of indirect selling for SaaS solutions, and while the value of the model is being proven the more SaaS vendors adopt it, people still have questions. We can answer some of these, and learn a tremendous amount, by exploring how the most successful sellers in the SaaS space have organized their channel partner programs. So let’s take a look at how HubSpot went about the task, and what best practices for building out a channel sales program any SaaS company can glean from their ongoing success. A Smart Way to Build Partner Interest While many businesses find advantages in pulling from an existing professional network to recruit channel partners rather than doing a completely open call, HubSpot approached it differently. They found a quite innovative middle ground between the two approaches – one which was highly successful in drawing the kind of attention they wanted. HubSpot’s forte is inbound marketing, and so to build partner interest, they leveraged…
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