5 Business Resolutions for the Ambitious Entrepreneur

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By: Blakely Fraasch, Content Creator Intern “New year, new you” – isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? The life of a business professional can be strenuous and hectic. There is no doubt that 2016 has taken a toll on overworked professionals, and the holidays rarely help to alleviate stress for the upcoming year. 2016 may have been a year of climbing the corporate ladder or a year where you were just learning the ropes. Either way, a New Year will always bring new beginnings and new possibilities. It is crucial to take advantage of 2017 and start off on the right foot. For a little boost, here are five business resolutions to think about as you take 2017 by storm! 1. Solidify your Audience Aspiring entrepreneurs will have various goals for 2017, but it is important to remember the significance consumers hold to the success of your socially conscious venture. The new year is bound to bring about various changes in the eyes of consumers; therefore, solidifying your relationships and re-evaluating your consumers’ needs will be vital. This year, make attempts to: Develop a digital marketing strategy to check in with consumers via social media, email, and surveys to strengthen and build consumer and investor relationships. Initiate conversations with the target market/community you most want to impact. What are they frustrated by? How can your product/service help them? What do they think you should improve on in 2017? Refine your product/service accordingly to your target market’s needs. Evolving from…
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