Five KPIs for Your SaaS(ed) Channel

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Earlier this week I got my first email from someone with the acronym D.Sc after their name — apparently, this is the new self-assigned suffix being used by folks who consider themselves to be Data Scientists.  I need to get out more. Okay, rather than focus on how D.Sc represents everything currently wrong with a MarTech industry flooded with countless best practices, acronyms, theories, and now suffixes that even “insiders” are getting overwhelmed, what I thought I’d do instead is simplify with some quick insight on five critical KPIs for your channel that don’t require a D.Sc or a Ph.D — just a B.R.A.I.N. It’s been pretty exciting lately to see innovators and thought leaders like Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures pen articles on The Rising Importance Of Reseller Channels In SaaS. Max Altschuler of hosted a webinar on a similar topic in late April. The simple fact is this: as Tunguz points out, “channels can generate more new business and increase revenue without the need to hire more salespeople.” YES! But it isn’t easy. And without the right strategy, tactics, tools, and KPIs to keep your channel aligned with revenue growth in today’s SaaS and Cloud-driven economy (PLEASE – no 2-minute business plans!), it can easily become a huge cost center. Here are five important KPIs you should be tracking regularly to make sure it doesn’t: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) It’s no secret that good marketing can be expensive, and that expense can multiply if you’re marketing, for and…
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