New Updates to Company Summary Emails

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Reporting can be a timesuck. Whether you’re digging through your data to find the important bits, or distributing your findings to all relevant stakeholders, sometimes it feels like you’re spending more time creating reports than taking action items from your data analysis. At CallRail, we want to give you and your clients the results you’re looking for in one click. Our latest update to Company Summary Email notifications is here to help you save time, free up resources, and tell the most impactful story with your data. Quick, Customizable Company Call Data Company Summary Emails are automatic reports sent out at the daily, weekly, or monthly interval of your choosing, and customized for your and your client’s reporting needs. With this new update, you’ll be able to choose exactly what information you want to be included. Company Summary Emails will still  include summary statistics, such as total call volume, number of first-time callers, total call duration and average call duration. But email notifications can now also include: Number of marked good leads Top 5 call sources Full call log including tags and call durations, with a link to download the CSV Top 5 keywords resulting in phone calls, for companies utilizing keyword-level call tracking All of these sections will be optional, allowing true customization of your email notifications. CallRail users are now armed with the ability to pick and choose what is included. CallRail’s new Company Summary Emails allow you to: Explore more data in less time. By spending less…
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