‘Rise and Create’ at PHX Startup Week 2017

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This post was contributed by Neel Mehta, Strategy Officer at EpiFinder, Inc. PHX Startup Week, hub for new ideas and game changer for local entrepreneurs and businesses is back, and the theme for our third year is “Rise and Create”. Whether you just thought up your big idea or are launching your third successful venture, you should be at PHX Startup Week to share your story with the most innovative minds in Phoenix. Below, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the topics that will be covered by the Valley’s top entrepreneurs across this five day conference in late February. Day 1: “What Do You Stand For?” Learning and communicating your “why” should be your first priority as a business. From this initial mission, you will develop a brand that will set you apart from your competition. In a new market like Phoenix, separating yourself is especially important because everyone is competing for the same customer. Depending on your mission, you may need to play into the leisurely culture that Phoenix seems to engender, or you may look to completely upend that narrative. Day 2: “Creating the Future” After you have set your vision, the strategic elements of your plan must be considered. Are you focusing on a particular demographic within Phoenix? Will you target areas such as Desert Hills or Biltmore Heights because of the economy there? You will definitely have moments of doubt and ideas that fail, but you can make these an advantage if you use them as…
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