DIY your startup’s brand mood board

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This post was contributed by Ty James Largo, Owner + Creative Director at AWE Collective. So there you are at 2AM, staring at a blinking cursor on a blank Word document while trying to articulate your startup’s brand on the page. The words just aren’t coming, and you’re feeling frustrated. Don’t worry; it’s fine. Not everyone is a copywriter, and most startup entrepreneurs may never be great at it. But seriously – it’s fine. Successful creative agencies use a mix of online and offline brainstorming to get those creative juices flowing, and creating a mood board is a great way to get a better grasp on your brand’s visual representation while further defining the brand in other areas. Given the undeniable complexity of comprehensive, cohesive branding, the mood board is just one tool in the toolkit, but it’s an easy DIY startup project and a great way to get yourself and your team thinking “bigger branding picture.” All you need to get started is a clear wall or board, a printer, tape and maybe some other visual sources like magazines or other clippings. It’s also totally fine to use Pinterest! Just make sure to bring that offline with a printer. You’ll read why below. Create a Yaasss-Yaasss Board You’d be surprised how effective this exercise is! Using a curated collage of visuals to express your intended brand direction allows you to visually target your customer, understand their aesthetic taste (and how it may differ from your own), establish your brand’s attitude and…
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