Why We’re Including CallScore for Free

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Recently we were excited to share CallScore, our real-time call scoring system that harnesses the power of speech recognition and machine learning to automatically analyze a phone call and immediately determine if the call was a good lead.We’re happy to say, we’re including CallScore in our standard plans. Every CallRail customer now has access to these insights about their calls. Since we started CallRail, we’ve been dedicated to making the most powerful call tracking technology available to every business – big or small. By including CallScore, we’re taking the next step in enhancing the call analytics that help you make smarter marketing decisions. Conversation Intelligence for Everyone Other companies offer automated lead qualification tools — but for too long, these call intelligence products have been expensive, difficult to deploy, and only available to very large businesses. We’re changing that. It’s tough to optimize your sales or marketing when you’re spending all of your time listening to call recordings. Conversation intelligence can help you unlock deeper customer insights faster, and communicate with your prospects more effectively. We’re making CallScore available at no additional cost so your team has access to the powerful sales and marketing tools you need you need to drive real ROI improvement. CallScore is perfect for anyone who want to identify high performing campaigns, prove results, and optimize marketing efforts. Our Commitment We’re not only working to change how you track calls, we’re here to improve how you market your business and convert your leads. You chose CallRail…
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