Key Elements of a Successful Channel Partner Training Program

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In today’s lightning-fast business world, both channel sales staff and channel marketers have plenty on their plates. So it can be all too easy for the sales and marketing staff at even the most dedicated partner to skip past your emails informing them that your latest training materials are now available. And that’s unfortunate. Because training is a critical part of making sure that everyone across your channel partner program knows exactly how they need to position your product. With high-quality training, everyone—you, your partners, their clients, the end customer—all benefit. By keeping in mind these key elements of a successful channel partner training program, you can make sure that your channel partners see your trainings not as obligatory interruptions to speed through on their way to doing business, but as a fundamental foundation for selling your product. In fact, if you structure your training program correctly, you might even find that your channel partners look forward to utilizing your training resources.   Get Face to Face and Get Creative! Technology is more important than ever to successful channel sales relationships. But that doesn’t mean that remote communications entirely replace the ever-so-critical human element. Bringing together your partners with a launch event for a given channel initiative with some all-day training workshops is a great way to make everyone feel like they’re a part of something bigger. And even if partners compete with each other in different markets, they can talk shop and appreciate what they have to offer each…
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