13 Reasons Why An AdWords Expert Should Manage Your Marketing

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Have you ever wondered how to get double or triple the performance out of your AdWords spend? Well, we do it for our clients every month through active, hands-on management.

You can’t just set up an AdWords account with Google and relax once it gets going. Proper AdWords management requires a skilled and experienced professional who maintains constant attention to each and every detail.

At Lightpost, our AdWords experts make over 100 changes every month to each of our client’s accounts and campaigns. We’re constantly trying to hit aggressive and profitable conversion goals, all while reacting to real-time changes in the market. This can’t be done by software, and it can’t be done sitting back.

If you’re not managing your AdWords with the following insights, data, and changes, then you’re simply wasting money:

1. Researching keywords to target specific customer searches

2. Setting up specific Ad Groups to market clients and products

3. Monitoring competitors’ AdWords campaigns and ad copy

4. Setting up campaigns using tiered bidding strategies

5. Determining the correct targeting including Location, Time of Day, Network, Device Type, and Income

6. Writing effective ads for every Ad Group to test ad performances, key selling phrases, and to A/B test the most effective copy

7. Utilizing three keyword matching types: Broad, Phrase, and Exact

8. Setting up landing pages and call tracking to capture leads and phone calls (to achieve each client’s Conversion Goals)

9. Adding negative keywords to prevent unwanted searches

10. Implementing advanced ad options including Site Links, Ad Extensions, Call Outs, Structured Snippets, Price Extensions, Expanded Text Ads, and Dynamic Variables

11. Remarketing with custom audiences and banners to re-engage potential customers

12. Weekly monitoring of Click Through Rate, Quality Score, Keyword Performance, Device Type, Conversion Source, Conversion Rate, Conversion Cost, and more!

13. Monthly reporting and strategy calls with each client to review performance

We’ll highlight just two of these AdWords strategies below: landing pages and remarketing.

The Power of Landing Pages

Landing pages play a big part in hitting our clients’ conversion goals. In general, it also provides new sales approaches to getting clients’ customers to take the action we’re looking for. AdWords drives potential customers to your website, but your site has to provide those people what they’re looking for quickly and effortlessly. Sometimes your actual website may not do this well, so we sometimes create an alternative web page to send the customer to. This is what we call a landing page.

Remarketing Ad Examples

Remarketing means showing ads to people who have recently visited your website. This strategy is one of the best ways to reengage your website visitors. Lightpost’s AdWords team can design 4 banner ads we’ll use in remarketing campaigns to bring people back to your website and increase target conversions.

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