Zapier Integrations: Google Sheets and CallRail

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Google Sheets is a spreadsheet app that can be used to create, edit, and share spreadsheet documents — all you need is an internet connection.

Why use the CallRail + Google Sheets Zap?

Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly data-driven (and data-centric) line of work. Google Sheets is a way for marketers to easily organize and share documents across departments, helping you become more efficient about analyzing your data and drawing strategic conclusions.

For businesses and marketers who use call tracking software like CallRail, exporting your call data into Google Sheets can require a prohibitive amount of work. But thanks to the automation platform Zapier, you can use a ‘Zap’ to connect CallRail and Google Sheets, which will automatically sync your phone call data into Google Sheets.

How does Google Sheets work with CallRail?

If you already have CallRail and Zapier accounts, it’s easy to setup your Zap according to custom ‘Trigger’ and ‘Action’ options — Zapier allows for a full range of options for triggers and actions, whether you’re looking to send call or SMS data (or both) over to Google Sheets.

Once a call is completed, it acts as the trigger in Zapier. That trigger then activates the action, and syncs your call data into Google Sheets.

For more information on how Zapier and CallRail can work better together, check out the full roster of Zapier-CallRail integrations.

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