Customizable reports bring power and flexibility to your analytics

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How many times have you sat down with a client and given them details of their marketing campaign performance, only to be met with difficult-to-answer questions about where or how you got this data?

Reporting on lead generation and marketing attribution is one of the biggest parts of your job. And when you’re face-to-face with a client that has questions about your work, you shouldn’t second-guess the data you’re showing them. Your goal is to prove that you’re a successful part of their marketing strategy.

That’s why CallRail is excited to announce a new way of getting straightforward, uncomplicated reporting in front of your clients.

Boost your client reporting with CallRail’s launch of Custom Reports

Our new Custom Reports feature provides the framework and flexibility you need to build powerful reports that prove the value of your campaigns and your work.

Starting today, you’ll have access to all of these features during the beta launch of Custom Reports:

Create, name, edit, and save your reportsEach report you create can be as unique as the metrics behind it. Any time you create or update a report, you’ll have the option to either overwrite the existing report or save it as a new report for later use.

Mix and match your metrics for a truly customizable reporting experience: You’ll have access to time and call volume metrics up front, with the option to filter your report by things like the tracking number, answer status, and even device type. (Just to name a few!)

Pick the companies to display in your reportsClient reporting should be painless. Include any combination of the companies in your account to prove the value of your services to your team or clients.

Print or export your report to ExcelYou’ll impress your new and current clients with reports that open in Excel (or reports that can be copied into Google Sheets). We’ll even include a cover sheet that details the filters and metrics used to create your report.

Creating your first “Custom Report”

Anyone with login access to your CallRail account can start building their own report within seconds. Navigate to the ‘Reports’ section of your CallRail account, and locate the new ‘Custom’ reporting category on the left-hand side of the page. Then, click the word ‘All’ in that category, and pick the kind of report you’d like to create. The initial launch of this beta program allows you to create reports for ‘Calls by Number’ or ‘Calls by Company.’

Because beta launches are primarily self-service and web-based, we encourage you to read our support articles for step-by-step instructions on setting up these reports:

What’s on deck for the future of Custom Reports?

As with any beta launch, we’re going to continue adding new features, graphs, and metrics for a fully customizable reporting experience. Keep an eye out for expanded offerings, like a complete set of filters, and even more report types that cover everything from attribution to keywords. (And more!)

What metrics do you want to use to build your reports? Share your feedback with our Product Development team on CallRail’s Community post dedicated to this launch.

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