Connecting Raven Tools and CallRail

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Raven Tools is an online marketing solution that offers thorough SEO analysis in an easy-to-use software package. Raven provides SEO campaigns with scheduled site audits, keyword research, keyword management, link building, content management, and many other tools, helping you optimize multiple campaigns while also providing client-friendly automated reporting.

There are two ways to connect CallRail and Raven Tools. The first is Zapier, an open API platform that can connect thousands of different platforms and automate many aspects of their workflows. Recently, Raven Tools began offering another way to sync CallRail data to their platform with the launch of their custom connector, which allows for call tracking data to be viewed directly inside Raven.

Here, we’ll review how both of these integrations work.

Raven Tools Connector with CallRail

With their new integration, marketers can use the CallRail-Raven Tools connector to sync their call data into their preferred marketing platform.

The imported CallRail data is broken out in five different sections — the overview gives users generalized data for each of their CallRail accounts, and each section provides analytics that can then be organized into WYSIWYG reports, based on client needs. By synchronizing data from your CallRail tracking numbers into Raven Tools, you’ll be able to view your call tracking data according to its corresponding marketing initiative, helping you better measure the overall performance of each campaign. And while calls cannot be managed within Raven, they can reported on.

Check out Raven Tools’ thorough guide to their CallRail integration and its features.

Zapier Integration: Raven Tools and CallRail

By using a Zapier Zap to connect these two platforms, new and notable search keywords from each call will automatically be pulled into the keyword dashboard in Raven Tools. For PPC marketers, the Zap eliminates the hassle of going into Google Ads and matching up incoming calls to paid search traffic.

How does the CallRail and Raven Tools zap work?

The foundation of Zapier relies on actions and triggers. In the case of CallRail and Raven Tools, CallRail can currently only be set as a trigger. (Technically, a person calling a CallRail number could be considered the action which then triggers the app to export the caller’s keyword data into Raven Tools.) If you already have both a CallRail and Raven Tools account set up with Zapier, the zap requires minimal effort to complete.

Once both zaps are connected, the actions and triggers are simple:

  1. A new call is received in CallRail
  2. Zapier pulls the spotted keywords from the call into Raven Tools

If you’re new to Zapier and looking to connect your CallRail account for the first time, read our support document on how to set up Zapier. Zapier also has an excellent support article for connecting Raven Tools to the Zapier API.

For more information on how Zapier and CallRail can work better together, check out the full roster of Zapier-CallRail integrations.

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