Earn better marketing insights & ROI with the new full-width waveform

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Full-width waveform hits the call log in the latest CallRail update

When it comes to user experience, sometimes it’s the most minor of tweaks that make the biggest difference. Consider, for example, Control Center on your iPhone. This wasn’t the noisiest thing Apple ever made. It wasn’t billboard-worthy. But it’s now where we can quickly and efficiently open our camera to snap a timely picture, or pull up our calculator, or set our alarm clock, and we do so without even really thinking about it — it’s become second nature.

This is no Apple product announcement, but we recently made an improvement to our product that will similarly make your CallRail experience a lot more efficient. And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited about it, no matter how quiet the change may be.

Now, CallRail users can listen to and fully analyze calls right in the Call Log. Similar to previewing an email message in Outlook or Mail, a full-width waveform of calls will now populate at the bottom of the Call Log, and you don’t even have to leave the page. (But if you want, you can do that, too — easily navigate to another page on your call log, the waveform will stay at the bottom of the screen, or you can minimize the call, making multitasking painless.)

The new full-width waveform will include all of the same in-depth features users have enjoyed on individual call pages, including Keywords Spotted and Call Highlights indicators throughout the waveform, allowing you to nimbly analyze with a simple hover and play back important moments. Quickly qualify, add value, tag, or make a note, and move right along to the next call or task.

Along with keywords spotted and call highlights displayed in the timeline, users can now see exactly where in the conversation those words were said, their frequency, and by whom they were spoken. With this time-saving enhancement, you’ll have plenty of fresh opportunities to improve your business strategy.