Access offline conversion data inside Bing Ads with CallRail’s new Bing Ads integration

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The buyer’s journey is often unpredictable and inconsistent, complicating conversion analysis for marketers. With users discovering your business from several different channels, it is crucial for marketers to understand which combination of those interactions leads to a conversion from their paid campaigns. Now, with CallRail’s Bing Ads integration, marketers can access offline conversion data alongside their Bing Ads click data to have a comprehensive view of how someone transitions from lead to a customer.

Let’s say a prospective customer, Jane, sees your ad for a product. In a dream world, Jane would click on it and purchase the product online right then and there. Unfortunately, that’s not the norm. She may click on your ad one day to review the product, but call the next day to purchase the product.

View call and text conversions inside Bing Ads

With the Bing Ads integration, source-level offline call and text data is now accessible inside of the Bing Ads interface to help marketers understand which ads and keywords lead to conversions. The ability to view call and click data within one platform allows marketers to understand and compare campaign performance, while having a holistic view of the buyer’s journey. Without insight into all interactions, it’s nearly impossible to understand how your leads are converting.

How it works

Previously, Bing Ads attribution data was accessible via CallRail with Bing’s auto-tagging. However, lack of conversion data in Bing Ads made it impossible to compare click and offline conversion data inside of a single interface. Now, with Bing’s Offline Conversion feature, a unique MSCLKID tag (similar to Google’s GCLID) is associated with each paid click, allowing CallRail to pull the respective ID and automatically map calls and texts back to Bing as an offline conversion.

Let’s revisit Jane’s scenario. Jane clicks on an ad today and make an offline purchase via phone call tomorrow. With Bing’s Offline Conversion feature, Jane’s offline conversion would be associated with the click ID, and automatically imported into Bing Ads as a Conversion Event. This eliminates any need to manually import conversions into Bing Ads, and provides accurate phone call and text attribution at the source, UTM, and campaign level, much like our Google Ads integration.

  • Bridge the gap between offline and online events – follow a buyer’s journey cross-platform to understand interactions that lead to conversions and optimize campaign strategies accordingly
  • Identify which keywords or campaigns are high-converting – access Bing Ads keyword data in CallRail to understand which keywords are driving the most conversions and adjust marketing strategy accordingly

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