How advanced features like call recording prove agency ROI

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As an agency marketer, you already know the importance of making efficient use of the data at your disposal — data-driven marketing is now the rule, not the exception. If you’re going to deliver excellent ROI for your clients, you’ll need to leverage every bit of data you can get.

But in our quest for bigger and better sources of marketing data, it’s all too easy to get stuck on the analytics treadmill and ignore the information that’s you’ve already collected. Fortunately, when you use advanced call tracking software to analyze your campaigns, the information you need to achieve superior client ROI is often right at your fingertips.

And one of the CallRail features that best demonstrates how marketing tech can empower you to work smarter, not harder, is Call Recording. With our call recording features activated for your account, you’ll be able to play back recordings of every single call that comes in to your tracking numbers.

This is a great way to get an at-a-glance view of how your phone team is performing, but the usefulness of this feature far exceeds surface-level analytics.

Don’t let a single call slip through the cracks

During our many case studies, we heard a lot about how powerful call recording can be when used in conjunction with CallRail’s tagging system.

With our comprehensive tagging system, you can quickly and easily categorize calls — like new leads, repeat callers, and missed calls —  and then identify those that should be reviewed for deeper analysis.

Proper categorization of inbound calls is a powerful way to prove the value of the work your agency does for clients. For example, with a thoughtful tagging and analysis scheme for your data, combined with a careful review of the corresponding call recordings, you can demonstrate how your campaigns have resulted in a steady increase in calls that deliver qualified leads for your client. Or, perhaps your advice on efficiency has helped a client pare down the number of missed calls per month, resulting in fewer frustrated voicemails from prospects.

In both cases, this can be a powerful demonstration of the value — and the ROI boost — your work is delivering for your client. And even better, much of this tagging work can be automated when used in concert with our suite of Conversation Intelligence automation tools.

Identifying and filling skill gaps

Beyond tagging, call recordings are also a supremely useful resource by themselves. Your agency might not have considered that call coaching could be a selling point for clients, but we’ve seen plenty of testimony from CallRail users that suggests otherwise.

With call recording enabled for the client’s account, your agency can instantly achieve a frontline view of how their phone team is performing. By reviewing recordings of inbound calls, you’ll be the first to know whether the client’s team is sticking to the script and performing well, or whether there are skill gaps that are causing prospects to drop out of the sales funnel.

Let’s say that a client is getting a healthy number of inbound calls, but you’ve crunched the numbers and it seems like prospects just aren’t converting at the rate they should. This is a perfect time to dive into the client’s call recordings and see whether their phone team is having trouble sticking to the script, or effectively conveying their product’s value to callers.

By listening to call recordings, your agency can then take a direct hand in shaping how the client’s call team is performing. Perhaps their sales script needs some tweaking, in order to better reflect the search keywords that are driving the most calls. If many callers are searching for a specific feature before calling, but the call recording then reveals that the feature isn’t part of the sales team’s usual script, you’ve just identified a key gap that needs to be filled.

Taking a comprehensive, hands-on approach when it comes to call recording will do more than just help the client’s bottom line — it provides real proof that your agency is driving results.

Building client partnerships that last

All of which gets at the heart of why advanced features like call recording bring so much value to your agency: They’re how you establish yourself as a true-blue strategic partner for your clients.

As an agency, your mission isn’t just to collect and collate data (although that’s certainly an important part of your day-to-day work). It’s also critical that you interpret that data, provide context for it, and then incorporate it into your strategic planning and other high-level client discussions.

Put simply, CallRail features like call recording are what make your services tangible for clients, in a way that just wouldn’t be possible without call tracking.

A careful and considered use of marketing technology can give you a real competitive edge and set you apart from other agencies, who are always looking to entice clients away from you (IE, the competition). Features like call recording can also help you communicate marketing concepts that might otherwise be difficult to explain, or too abstract for clients to effectively grasp.

With advanced call tracking and analytics in your arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped not just to deliver real value for clients, but also to prove the value of your agency’s work in a way that establishes trust, and builds relationships that last.

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