The CallRail-Wix integration: Easy attribution for all your sites

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Wix is the website builder of choice for over 110 million people worldwide — it’s simple, mobile-friendly, and requires absolutely zero development knowledge. That’s why we’re excited to announce the first official call tracking integration with the Wix platform. With the new CallRail-Wix integration, you can add CallRail’s dynamic call tracking to any Wix website with a simple copy and paste.

The power of CallRail and Wix

Whether you’re a small business using Wix or an agency building Wix websites for your clients, it’s essential that you understand how inbound leads are navigating to your site and converting in order to optimize your ad spend. CallRail’s native call tracking integration with Wix now allows our customers to do just that.

The Wix integration automatically installs CallRail’s swap.js code on every page of your Wix website. When a web visitor navigates to your Wix site, we’ll swap in the tracking phone number associated with the marketing source they came from. This allows us to attribute phone call and text message conversions back to the source, campaign, or PPC keyword that drove the website visit.

Why integrate call tracking with Wix

CallRail is the only call tracking provider that requires zero coding to be compatible with Wix. Integrating CallRail and Wix can help your business…

  • Gain full phone call and text message attribution

With the rise of mobile, it’s critical to track the most important mobile conversion point: The phone call.

  • Access detailed reporting

This integration with Wix allows users to view leads from inbound calls inside CallRail’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboard and reporting engine.

  • Analyze inbound lead quality

With access to Conversation Intelligence data for leads from Wix websites, not only can you track where leads are coming from, but also how they’re impacting sales.

Getting Started with CallRail and Wix

To get started with CallRail’s Wix integration, you will need to have a Wix Premium site — read our support article to learn more.

If you have questions or suggestions about how to put the CallRail-Wix integration to work, check out the CallRail Community, where you can connect with other marketing professionals and share best practices.

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