Are calls the top conversion point for your SMB? They are for these 6 marketers

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When it comes to improving your small business, there are few tools in your tech stack as powerful and effective as call tracking. Whether you’re looking to boost revenue, improve your lead generation, or identify your top-performing marketing channels, call tracking can provide your SMB with the data you need to make your marketing strategy as impactful as possible.

Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it! This is why we’ve take the time to do an extensive SMB case study with some of our top users, and then publish the results on our blog. There’s nothing we love more than shining a spotlight on the excellent work our small business users are accomplishing with CallRail.

Below, you’ll find summaries of testimonials from six of our small business users about how call tracking has helped them take their company to new heights. Each testimonial will include a link to the corresponding case study at the top, so feel free to click through for further reading.

1) Humberview Auto Group triples inbound leads, thanks to call tracking

The Humberview Group represents a chain of auto dealerships in Ontario, Canada, primarily in the Toronto and Great Lakes regions. Originally, Humberview hewed to the standard wisdom in their industry and brought in most of their leads through web form submissions, since web forms are cheap and easy to implement.

But after some extensive market research, Humberview found that phones were a consistently high-performing — yet underutilized — channel when it came to lead-generation. By adopting CallRail as part of their tech stack, Humberview was able to see that a large number of their leads were picking up the phone to call about purchasing a car, even in cases where an online form fill was their initial point of contact.

“If you’re focusing your analytics only on form submissions, you’re missing a lot of conversion data, you’re missing out on many many leads, and it’s much harder to make effective decisions about your marketing campaigns,” Humberview Digital Marketing Director Maxim Poliakov explains.

By using CallRail’s call tracking data to guide their marketing decisions, they were able to streamline and improve their marketing to the point where Humberview now generates more than three times as many leads month-to-month as they did before implementing call tracking.

2) uses call tracking to save 50% on ad spend

The benefits of CallRail aren’t confined solely to boosting revenues (although that’s always nice) — call tracking is just as effective when it comes to helping small businesses save money. That was the case with, an e-commerce home renovation supplier that was having trouble managing conversion and sale data across multiple touchpoints, particularly Google Ads.

By integrating CallRail into their tech stack and adding our Dynamic Number Insertion feature to their website, they were finally able to properly attribute each phone call to the web session that drove it. As a result, they could fine-tune their marketing to focus on the channels and products that delivered the best ROI.

This helped slash their Google Ads budget by more than 50 percent, all while continuing to increase their lead-generation and overall sales. “Through that visibility, we can significantly boost the performance of every advertising dollar, while recapturing previously wasted spend to put back into our business,” Marketing Director David Gallmeier says.

3) Mold Busters breaks the mold and doubles call volume

Tracking conversions is (relatively) easy for digital storefronts, but the picture becomes much more complicated when you’re dealing with physical locations and multiple marketing touchpoints. This is especially true for the home services industry, where calls are the backbone of any business strategy.

That’s why Mold Busters were eager early adopters of CallRail and call tracking — it helps them answer important questions like how a prospect found their business and where they’re calling from, along with their specific needs and budget considerations.

“With CallRail’s features, like the Google Analytics integration and Keyword Spotting, we can actually see what drove a call, and answer some of those critically important questions,” Mold Busters CEO and Co-founder Maxim Golubev says. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that without CallRail and call tracking, it’d be impossible for us to answer those questions.”

The success of this approach speaks for itself: Thanks to Mold Busters’ customer-first and data-driven business model, a new Mold Busters franchise location in the suburbs of Toronto more than doubled their month-to-month call volume (along with a comparable increase in lead-generation and revenue).

4) AltLine Banking leans on calls for 108% boost to conversions

Specialty finance is a highly competitive field, and no one knows that better than AltLine Banking. As the commercial lending arm of a group of community banks that serves the northern Alabama region, AltLine understands that no business can afford to take a single lead for granted.

By leveraging CallRail’s powerful and flexible programming language, AltLine created a custom reporting dashboard that synchronized both their call tracking and Google Analytics data. This, in turn, helped them zero in on their top-performing marketing channels and maximize the impact of their limited ad budget.

And by using call tracking data to optimize their marketing, they’ve seen some truly impressive results: A 108 percent increase to conversions, a 67 percent boost to their monthly customer count, and a 39 percent decrease of their customer acquisition cost.

5) Lawyer Connection sees 200% increase to call volume thanks to call tracking insights

Despite the popularity and ease-of-use of digital marketing channels like chat and form fills, there are some industries where calls will always be king. When it comes to discussing sensitive legal matters, customers rightly crave the peace of mind provided by a private phone call.

With phones always at the forefront of their mind, the legal referral service Lawyer Connection made sure to invest heavily in call tracking software in order to wrangle multiple touchpoints and determine which channels were best at driving their key marketing metric: Phone calls.

After several years of fine-tuning their marketing based on the insights gleaned from CallRail, Lawyer Connection has more than doubled their inbound call volume since implementing. That means more clients connected to more firms, and better case outcomes thanks to their data-driven approach.

6) The Arbor Co. uses call tracking tech to connect families during hurricane crisis

Most of our case studies focus exclusively on figures, numbers, and hard data — in other words, the bottom line. But this story about how the senior-living community The Arbor Co. used CallRail to navigate a deadly hurricane season deserves to stand proudly alongside our top case studies.

As Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were bearing down on the US Gulf Coast in the summer of 2017 and power lines started to go down in affected communities, Arbor Co. VP of Communications Chris Harper sprung into action.

“Since the building’s phone system was underwater at this point, we got the idea that we needed to have a way for families to get in touch with us,” Harper explains. “Since we’ve been using CallRail for a while, I just thought to myself, why not set up a tracking number? Very quickly, like within five minutes, we created an offline tracking number and setup a recording on there.”

Thanks to CallRail’s automatic transcription service, incoming calls from concerned family members were transcribed and sent out as email notifications within minutes, serving as a lifeline between seniors and their family members who had evacuated.

This may not be a story of high-flying revenue gains or other kinds of marketing derring-do, but it’s a perfect example of how call tracking technology is helping to connect people and make the world a little bit of a better place.

If you’re ready to boost your SMB with the power of advanced call tracking and analytics, you can start today: Begin your free trial of CallRail or request a personalized demo.

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