What’s Your Channel Partner Love Language?

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We all have different ways of expressing and receiving love. In his book The Five Love Languages, author Gary Chapman created the concept of love languages, which are the primary ways that we both give and receive love. Our love language says a lot about us as individuals: who we are, how we work, what we need, our communication preferences, and much more. If you’re looking to be a better channel partner in 2019 and beyond, it may be helpful to learn your channel partner love language — not to mention the love languages of the partners that you work with.

Take the quiz to learn your love language and the languages of your partners and to identify new ways to improve your channel partnerships in the year ahead.


Words of Affirmation

Channel partners with the words-of-affirmation love language are big communicators who often value feedback and direction. To improve the way you work with these partners, keep an open line of communication. Be responsive to questions and make yourself available to connect and touch base on a regular basis. When they’re doing really well, you should acknowledge it with praise in the form of an encouraging note or channel shout-out. Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts, and they’ll appreciate your words of affirmation in return.

Acts of Service

Actions speak louder than words—at least, they do for channel partners with the acts-of-service love language! Partners who speak this language are most likely to respond positively when provided with a lot of resources. These people really appreciate the little things you do to make life easier for them. By frequently sharing new training materials, product information, and sales collateral, you can show your service-focused partners that you’re there for them.


Receiving Gifts

Partners who have receiving gifts as a love language respond well when they’re incentivized somehow. You should consider holding sales-based competitions and fun contests, all with potential prizes to incentivize and inspire these partners. When you recognize that one of your gift-loving partners has increased their sales, consider rewarding their efforts with a surprise gift. It can be something as small as new brand swag or a digital gift card—just a little something to show you appreciate them and all of their hard work.


Quality Time

For some channel partners, quality time is key. These people are most effective when they’re collaborating with others. One of the best ways to engage your partners with this love language is by joining forces (even more so) to work on co-branded projects, such as webinars and white papers. Quality-timers will appreciate you investing your time and energy into collaborating with them and will likely be better partners as a result.

Physical Touch

Partners who value physical touch will have a slightly harder time working remotely—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to work well together. You should make it a point to connect with them as often as possible. Video calls are often a good compromise for people who prefer in-person meetings. (Of course, when the opportunity presents itself, you should meet in person!) Physical training materials are also a great way of reaching partners who value physical touch.


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