Pragmatic PRM Data Analysis: An Allbound + Sisense Partnership

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Increased data collection, visualization, and analysis for your Partner Channel are about to get a whole lot easier….


The Allbound + Sisense partnership coming in the fall of 2019 will change the way Partner Channels visualize data; we’re bringing you analytics that are unimaginable in other PRM platforms. With Sisense capabilities integrated into Allbound’s already premier PRM tool, you will have capabilities to create customized dashboards with metrics that align to your overall business goals.  


Your partner program greatly affects your annual revenue, so when are you going to start accurately measuring your partner success? Your partner program can seem like a wasteland when 80% of your revenue is coming from a mere 20% of your partners. Getting a gold rush within your partner program starts with analytics. That’s why Allbound has partnered with Sisense to bring you unmatched insight and analytics that go beyond what your CRM (or any other PRM) can give you. You can’t measure growth, success, or move the needle if you can’t delve deeper into the metrics that drive your business.

With the Allbound + Sisense partnership, you’ll be able to combine your CRM data with partner engagement insights to allow for a more refined correlation. Additionally, Allbound will be utilizing narratives to help your team analyzed and tell a story with your data. The narratives will have machine-learning insights that will identify data anomalies and will trigger alerts to team members. For example, it may read: “you had a spike in a specific product line in the month of January.”


We believe that you should have the capability to view all aspects of your data. Analytics will be included throughout all parts of Allbound, so you won’t be limited to your dashboards. When you’re looking at a piece of content you’ll be able to see deeper into its engagement, how it’s performing, and who’s using it, among other key insights. Within Allbound you won’t have to search for data; it will be right where you need it, when you need it.


In addition to just viewing the pipeline, which is typically what you’ll see in your CRM, Allbound will have information about all aspects of your partner program. We want you to be able to see what your highest performing piece of content is and how much it’s being used. Are partners sharing them? Are they adding content to prospect pages? What content are they adding into prospect pages? You can see what your most successful, highest producing partners are doing and try to get other users to take those actions. We believe that your PRM software should answer your questions and provide actionable insights.



If your goal is to identify areas of opportunity within your partner channel, benchmarking is a vital step. Within Allbound you’ll have the capability to create benchmarks that align with your company goals and identify trends. View your deals, as well as the size of your channel, and see how you compare to other companies in the same vertical and size. Combining your data into one tool is critical, but having the ability to set benchmarks will only help identify areas of opportunity and increase your partner channel metrics.



The dashboard is your home base where you can deep dive into your channel engagement and revenue metrics. Each Allbound user will have the ability to create a customized dashboard with opportunities to drill down into specific metrics. For example, if you’d like to identify which location your partners are closing the most deals you can separate by region which will take you to a scatter map. From here you can visualize where deals are closed most often and click into a location for further analysis. But because we believe you should be able to drill deeper than that you’ll be able to see closed won to closed lost ratio, win ratio, total deals registered, and more.


The Allbound + Sisense partnership is coming soon, and we couldn’t keep the secret any longer! Don’t just see your data, drill into your data and make informed decisions.

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