We Attended SaaS Connect 2019: Here’s Are The Key Takeaways

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It’s no secret that conferences are some of the best places to network, hear thought leaders speak and learn some of their most exclusive information. This year Allbound had the opportunity to attend SaaS Connect 2019!  Meeting fellow SaaS professionals was one of our key takeaways, but we also know that some of you couldn’t attend, so here are some of the things we thought you should know:

1. Keep your partners in the loop on changes

Picture this: you log into your partner’s portal and it’s different. You get a notification about new processes and immediate changes. It’s happened to all of us and we all know that it’s less than ideal.

Your partners are an extension of your team and it’s essential to treat them as such. Partners help your annual revenue and you have multiple meetings with them in a month, so when are you going to start clueing them in on changes? Consistent communication builds trust with your partners and strengthens those relationships.

2. Roundtable discussions are essential

Our very own, Ryan Sherman, participated in the “Channel Distribution through Resellers and Agencies” round table on the first day of the conference. We learned so much information from Keap, LogMeIn and more about their channels! Roundtables are a fantastic way to hear what thought-leaders have to say, then continue the conversation with other attendees. Typically there will be multiple roundtables going on at once, so those in attendance are all interested in the same subject and will want to talk about it.

3. Exchange ideas!

The partner landscape is always evolving. We loved hearing about industry challenges and ideas during SaaS Connect. We all know that the main draw to a conference is simple, it’s all about being around like-minded people and getting to connect with them, but understanding everyone’s thoughts, opinions, and learning opportunities are what we enjoyed most.

We hope to see you at SaaS Connect 2020! Want to learn more about SaaS? Check out these articles: 3 Ted Talks Every SaaS Executive Should See and 30 of the Best SaaS Partner Programs (and Why They’re so Good).

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