3 Ways to Get More Leads Using Automation

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Every sale starts with a lead. But most businesses don’t have the resources to respond to every inquiry, or reach out to everyone who clicks a link. Plus, your time is better spent nurturing existing leads and closing deals. That’s why it’s crucial to turn to automation to get more leads — automating your lead generation processes removes the manual work and gives you the bandwidth to focus on the aspects of the sales process that require a human touch.

The app automation tool Zapier can automate your most tedious processes to help you make sure leads don’t slip through the cracks. And when you pair CallRail with Zapier, you can do things like automatically follow up with personalized messages after a phone call ends. Codeless automations called “Zaps” are simple for anyone to build — beneath each item below, you’ll find a Zap quickstart template you can get started with one click.

In this piece, we’ll explore three easy ways to get more leads using automation.

This is a guest post from the editorial team at Zapier.

1) Automate Your Form Data

Embedding a form on your website is a must-do for any lead generation strategy. But when someone fills out that form, the data often falls into a black hole. Even if you do know exactly where it lands, you’ll probably spend hours each month copy/pasting the information into your CRM or email marketing tool.

With Zapier, you can automatically send your lead gen form data directly to the apps you use to track your contacts. Here are a few suggestions, but you can mix and match your form app and CRM or email marketing tool of choice to make the workflow that’s right for you:

One other issue with dealing with form data manually is that you can’t respond to leads in real-time. Because leads are 400% less likely to be qualified after even 10 minutes, immediate action is necessary. Zapier can automatically notify you via your favorite communication tool whenever a lead fills out your form.

Here are a few example workflows to get you started:

2) Automate Call Tracking and Data Analysis

It’s one thing when someone drops their email address into a form, but when someone calls you directly, they’re likely to be an even more qualified lead. At the same time, those leads can be harder to monitor since they usually require manual tracking. By using CallRail with Zapier, you can automate the process of tracking leads from inbound callers.

Whenever a call is completed in CallRail, Zapier will automatically send the call data to wherever you store your leads, whether that’s a spreadsheet, a CRM, or an email marketing tool.

And if you want to take it one step further, you can connect CallRail to a business dashboard like Cyfe to see which channels are giving you the most bang for your buck. That will help you optimize future campaigns and generate more qualified leads.

Learn more about the CallRail-Zapier integration, and how you can use it to automate your call tracking workflow.

3) Automate Your Social Media Presence

Social media is where the people are — but you don’t have the time to spend posting and filtering through hashtags. Social media management tools like Hootsuite can help you discover content to post, schedule posts, and find out when people are talking about you. Posting regularly to social media can help you get more leads, and responding in a timely manner when people are talking about your business on social media can even turn a detractor into a sale.

You can use Zapier to further automate the process of posting content. For example, you can post all your new blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn:

Or you could post all your email campaigns to social media:

With this process fully automated, you’ll no longer have to spend so much time nurturing your social media presence, which means earning more leads without lifting a finger.

By automating your lead generation workflows, you’ll be freed up to work on the projects that require more than a robot brain. And once you have those leads, you can continue to use automation to help nurture them throughout the process. 

Check out Zapier’s list of over 1,500 compatible apps for inspiration on how to bring the power of automation to your marketing workflow.

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